Commissions can be chatted about and prices start from £28.

I have an ever expanding Dog-a-logue...

To fulfil a Woof on Wheels commission I will need a lovely photo shoot of your faithful friend from as many angles as possible. Then you will need to choose the colour of the collar and wheels and whether the collar charm is a heart or a star. Please let me know any quirks (sticky up or out ears, tail up, tail down etc) and I'll see if I can capture them in your design. 


Wheel colours: Blue, turquoise, teal, olive, kiwi, Cornish, clover, black.

Name wheel 8 letters maximum.

Wheel colours: Silver, rainbow dots, gold, pink, purple, orange, red, yellow.


Star or heart charm for the collar

Collar colour.

 Please email me at or use the contact form. 



My list of dogs is forever expanding.

All these can be made in to Woof on Wheels, an heirloom decoration or a plaque.

Labrador yellow Black Dachshund
Labrador black Brown Dachshund
Labrador chocolate Wire haired Dachshund
Golden Retriever 
Jack Russell
Flat coated Retriever Black German Shepherd
Flat coated Retriever Liver Collie
Curly coated retriever black West Highland Terrier black
Curly coated retriever liver West Highland Terrier white
Greyhound West Highland Terrier brown
Whippet Beagle
Borzoi Spaniel
Dalmatian black Fox Terrier
Dalmatian liver Great Dane
Border Terrier Pug
Black Schnauzer Dog de Bordeaux
White Schnauzer Corgi
Grey Schnauzer Jug